PTA Reimbursement & Check Request Form

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1. Fill out completely with description of reimbursement and breakdown of expenses by budget category (missing info will delay payment).


Please refer to the approved budget found at 2020-2021 SCE PTA Operations Budget Approved by Membership 5.6.2020 to properly categorized your items.


2. All requests must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt(s) or invoice(s). Emailed forms should include a digital copy of the receipt(s) or invoice(s).

3. Email receipts to the treasurer at  or submit to Treasurer in person as soon as possible since receipts fade.

4. Specify if the check should be remitted back to you or mailed to the vendor.

5. REMEMBER – PTA DOES NOT PAY SALES TAX on items purchased for its use; therefore sales tax will not be reimbursed.

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