Spring Auction Fundraiser & Class Parties


Our Spring Fundraiser is an Online Auction that kicks-off in February.  Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 to support our wonderful school. We will need your help! This is an exciting and fun way to get involved, and at the same time have a chance to win cool items!



There are a few special items each year to highlight:


1. Sign up Class Parties - These are special events hosted by families in our school by class or grade. The themes, dates, and prices are set prior to the auction. They will be “BUY IT NOW” tickets in the auction and only a limited number will be sold. Once the auction closes, so does tickets sales for that party. Start planning your auction party ideas with your class parents!


2. Donated Items - Our amazing community businesses, families and friends donate so many great and desirable items for the auction every year!  Some of the donation categories to bid on include: Art, Jewelry, Gift Cards, Experiences, Entertainment, Travel, Date Nights, Sporting Tickets, and much much more! (See more below on how or what you can donate.)


3. Teacher Treats - Every year all our teachers give their time and money to provide a special experience to the winning bidders!  Experiences include: lunch off campus with a friend, movie night with a friend, swim party for small group, ice cream party, etc. One is even riding in the Memorial Day Parade with our principals!


4.  SCE Perks - Our wonderful teachers in our school inspire our children everyday - they look up to them so much!  So, you can bid on a day for your child to be their teacher idol for the day!  Our office staff even get in on these with: Librarian for the Day, Principal/Assistant Principal for the Day, Announcements in the Office, and more!


5. Naming Rights -  These include the coveted parking space out front for the year and naming each of the grade hallways, cafeteria, playground, specials rooms, and garden.  In addition, there are sometimes more options for naming rights, as they come available.



6. Spring Fling Perks - Includes Fast Passes to the Inflatables and Dunking Mrs. Fields and Ms. Miller.


7.  Marquee -  Want a shout out to your child on their birthday?  You can bid on one of the Birthday Announcements on our school Marquee.


There are really too many other wonderful things to name them all here. Mark your calendars for February 2020 and get read to bid/buy! It is going to be a fun ride!



If you, or a business you know, would be willing to donate an item to our auction, please contact springfund@springcreekpta.org.

  • Parties: get together with your friends, pick a date, and host a dinner party or a unique themed kids' party! It's a lot of fun for everyone, and last year raised more than $9,000!
  • Tickets: theatre, sporting events, concerts, etc.
  • Travel: vacation homes, airline tickets, hotel packages
  • Jewelry: your custom creations or a gem from your own collection...always a good seller, and after all, you can never have enough!
  • Products or services from your business
  • Home services: babysitting, lawn work, photo scanning, computer work, etc
  • Other: did you receive a gift card or an appliance that you don’t need or won’t use?  Donate it!


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