Arrival Procedure: 

Door open at 7:30AM

PK enters through the door facing Carriage Lane 

K-6 enters through the main entrance 

Students go to the cafeteria until 7:40AM

The tardy bell rings at 7:50AM 

Dismissal Procedure: 

PK will be picked up in the drive thru on Carriage Lane starting at 3:00PM 

K-6 Riders will be picked up at 3:05pm in the circle drive on Roundrock

K-6 Wakers will be picked up at 3:10PM in the grassy area west of the circle drive 

  • Parents who are driving to pick up a "walker" need to park instead of coming through the car rider line.
  • Move all the way up in your car past the front door if there isn't a car in front of you. That allows several cars at a time to drop off and pick up.
  • Enter and exit from the right side of the car; the door closest to the sidewalk. If a carseat is in the way, please consider moving the carseat to the other side for the safety of your child who is exiting the vehicle.
  • Cross at the designated crosswalks. Please don't cross at other locations.
  • Please don't turn left from the circle drive during arrival and dismissal. There is a No Left Turn sign there to remind you.

We ask all cars to enter the car line going westbound on Roadrock Road. 

Please do not enter the car line via Carriage Lane or eastbound Roundrock Road (those turning left into the circle) as this blocks "through" traffic as well as backs up our car line exiting the circle drive. 

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