Here are a few things that make Spring Creek Eagles fly:

  1. Advanced Learning Programs & Services – There are two levels of services to be provided. GT 3 Pullout (Formerly REACH). The students who qualify will meet with ALT on campus 2-3 hours a week for pullout in addition to extension and enhancement opportunities. Core+ Students who have not met standards for GT3 but are performing in top 5% of class. ALT will collaborate with teachers to provide extension activities. Please contact Lesley Moore, SCE’s ALT, for more details/questions.

  2. Austin Trip – Each year our 4th graders get to go explore Austin, they tour the Texas State Capital & visit the Bob Bullock Museum.
  3. Back to school open house - The Friday before school starts, students are welcome to come and pick up their supplies, purchase spirit wear and meet their Teachers. 
  4. Book Fair – Our Librarian normally holds 2 book fairs each year. You will receive information in our Wednesday envelopes and through elink about the book fairs.
  5. Buddy Fun Day – Our PE teacher runs a fun filled Field day.  The date for this is May 19th.  Please contact Garrett Layton if you are interested in volunteering for this fun filled day.
  6. Clubs – Each year we offer a variety of different clubs.  Keep an eye out in Wednesday folders for club information 
  7. Career & College Day – November 15th this year.  We hope to integrate great colleges and universities as well as exciting careers.  If you would like to assist with this day, please contact Jessica Bradshaw, our school Counselor.
  8. Choir – Is open to 5th & 6th graders.  For more information contact Ms. Watson.
  9. Canned Food Drive - Every November, we host a canned food drive to help some of our SCE families
  10. Classroom Buddies – Kindergarten buddies are paired up with 6th grade students as well as 1st grade students are buddies with 5th grade students.  They meet 2 times per nine weeks and do a variety of things such as read, complete projects together, etc.
  11. Clothes Closet – Is open to any student who is in need of clothing.  All referrals must come through Jessica Bradshaw, our school Counselor.
  12. Computer Lab – The lab is used for projects & ongoing curriculum enhancement. The computer lab has an open door policy for all grade levels.
  13. Counseling and Guidance Program-Jessica Bradshaw, our school Counselor, has implemented a comprehensive school counseling and guidance program. Every student receives weekly guidance lessons covering a variety of topics throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to participate in individual and group counseling sessions.
  14. Curriculum Night – August 24th - A time for Parents to meet the Teachers and learn about curriculum and expectations of each classroom.
  15. Differential Instruction – Spring Creek differentiates instruction for all students in all grade levels. Students will be provided a variety of opportunities through tiered activities to extend and enrich the core subjects.
  16. Eagle Camp – Our school wide behavior incentive this year is our Eagle Camp. Each grade level has their plan on how students earn this fun behavior event. You will receive this info at Curriculum Night.
  17. ELink – Each week, the PTA sends out an ELink with a message from the principal, counselor newsletter, upcoming events, PTA information and more. Be sure to sign up to receive the elink at so you don’t miss out on this important information.
  18. Focus - Focus a website for parents to view their students’ grades and report cards.  Access can be gained through at the bottom of the page. 
  19. Grandparents Day – September 11th.  An announcement goes out for any Grandparents to come have lunch with their grandchild in eLink.
  20. Growth Mindset- At Spring Creek Elementary, we have adopted a growth mindset. We believe everyone is capable of learning and growing. Our brains our not fixed. You will see evidence of this by the way we speak to our students and how we encourage everyone to do hard things. We can do hard things!

  21. Invention Convention – We welcome inventors in all grades to create a brilliant invention and enter in the school wide competition.
  22. Kindergarten Round-up – Held each March for all incoming kinder students and their parents.
  23. Library – All students have a set library time each week. They are welcome to come any day before school or after school to check out books.
  24. Little Eagles – Upcoming Kindergartners come and visit the school a few times throughout the school year and visit different teachers and classes.
  25. Local School Council – This is a group of Teachers, Community members and Parents at Spring Creek that meet with the Principal to improve and enhance Spring Creek Elementary.  Please contact Sharon Erickson if you are interested in becoming a part of this team.
  26. Lunchtime- Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child any given day.  We have 2 tables set up at in the cafeteria for parents and their child.  Checks or cash may be brought to the cafeteria any day for lunches or you may log on to Lunch Accounts – Parents can set up an online account at to pay for and keep track of their child’s lunches.  Just follow their prompts to register your account.  It is very easy – you can set it up to auto-deduct from your account when it is running low.  You can also check their site to see exactly what is being purchased by your child in the Cafeteria.  If you are not comfortable with this method you may also bring cash or checks up to the school directly to pay for your child’s lunch.  You are also allowed to bring outside food in to the Cafeteria for your child for lunch.
  27. Open House – The Thursday before Open House.  An exciting event for students to show off and share all that they have learned.
  28. Orchestra & Band – Our 6th graders are encouraged to join Band or Orchestra, the teachers from Westwood Junior High come over each day to teach.
  29. New Student Orientation – Friday before schools starts our Counselor Jessica Bradshaw has a New Student Orientation for all new students in grades 1-6.
  30. PBIS- Our school has adopted a school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports System (PBIS). We look for great behaviors in the common areas (hallways, cafeteria, restrooms, and recess) and reward students with SOAR tickets.  Students that receive a soar ticket get their name on the Principal’s 200 board and a positive call home. We also use CHAMPS in our classrooms, so our expectations are consistent across all grade levels and specials.

  31. Pride Rallys – Each nine weeks we have a Pride Rally to recognize outstanding students in each class.  Parents are invited to attend this exciting event.  Will be help virtually this year.
  32. QUEST – Is for 2nd graders who have been tested into the REACH program for 3rd grade. 
  33. REACH – Primary REACH classes meet once a week on Wednesday here on our campus.   Intermediate REACH is also on Wednesday and the students take a bus over to Bowie Elementary.  Testing for REACH takes place once a year during the spring.  If you would like more information please contact Jessica Bradshaw.
  34. SEL- Each morning after the announcements, every class will participate in Social Emotional Learning time together. Our goal is to increase mental health, foster relationships, and help students develop valuable skills. We are excited to have the Sanford Harmony Curriculum in every classroom.

  35. Science Fair - Grades 4-6 participate in the Science Fair.  All grades are welcome but mandatory for the upper grades. 
  36. Sky Ranch – Each Fall our 5th graders go to Sky Ranch out in east Texas for 3 days.  They learn about Science and Nature all in one.
  37. Specials – All grade levels attend PE & Music twice a week, Art once a week.   Our specials teachers are:  Garrett Layton – PE; Lauren Belcher - Art; Caroline Watson – Music.
  38. Spelling Bee – Each year we have a school wide spelling bee.  The winner and their alternate will go on to represent Spring Creek at the district meet. 
  39. Storybook Character Dress-up Day – The Friday before Halloween.  Come dressed as your favorite storybook character. Students participate in a parade right after announcements to strut their costumes.
  40. Student Council – Each class from K-6 has 2 representatives.   Students in 5th & 6th grade are officers.
  41. Sugar Plum Fairies – Our fabulous Teachers, Shaleen Margolese & Karen Fields take this on each year.  Basically some of our more fortunate families adopt some of our families who are less fortunate for the holidays.  Each family gets canned goods, along with a turkey for their family dinner. It is handled with the upmost discretion. 
  42. Testing – Students are given a variety of tests throughout the year.  We have classroom, district and state testing.  In addition to district benchmarks, students are given the following tests.
    STAAR – state assessment for grades 3-6.
  43. Thanksgiving Feast – An invitation goes out for this event.  See eLink for more info closer to Thanksgiving.  Usually on the Thursday before Thanksgiving break.
  44. Wednesday Folders – This is a communication folder that is sent home with your child eachWednesday.  In this folder you will find graded work, information from PTA and surrounding services.
  45. Tutoring - Is provided for grades K-6.  We offer a variety of times for tutoring that include before, during and after school. Classroom teachers will notify you if we are requesting your child stay for tutoring.
  46. Veteran’s Day – November 11th performance with the Kinder and 6th grade
  47. XPLORE Program – After school program for all grades that is open till 6:00 pm. Please contact the front office for more information.
  48. Volunteer Breakfast – Last by not least, we could not accomplish any of this without our fabulous volunteers.  Each spring we show our heartfelt appreciation.

PTA--Our PTA sponsors many events and programs throughout the year.  For more information on the award-winning SCE PTA, go to Programs. 

Super Dads – This is always a wonderful group of Spring Creek Dads who Volunteer every year to support the school in ways like building the float we enter in the Richardson High School Homecoming Parade every year.  This is a group all dads will want to be a part of!

Volunteering – This is always welcome and encouraged.  What a great way to get first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of Spring Creek Elementary.  Not only that, you also get to know the faculty, staff and other members of the Spring Creek PTA!  Our PTA website is a great resource:  For more about volunteering at SCE, go to Volunteer.

*** Keep in mind all Volunteers must complete a background check each year before being able to volunteer in any capacity.

Click the link below to access the RISD volunteer background check:

RISD Background Check


Communication – Again our greatest resource to you will be our PTA website:  We are now a paperless school, so register on the website to receive eLink, our weekly e-newsletter with helpful information about the school.  Please sign up for eLink here.

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